The house was built almost single-handedly by an artist and his family.  Dubbed "Woods House" because of its seclusion in the beautiful woodlands of Lambert's Cove, the central part of the house was built in 1965.  The family was among a group of talented Vineyard artisans, craftsmen, and musicians, who came to the island in the '60's.  He is an accomplished sculptor and, inspired by the work of Wharton Esherick, took great pleasure in imagining and creating the house in his own studio (a barn also on the property).  The style can best be described as Craftsman.  Particularly interesting details include the handmade doors, door fixtures, kitchen, cabinets, woodshed, decks, and numerous interior details.  The barn and two cottages on the property were built in the '70's to house a growing family and creative output.  To preserve his legacy, we have found a carpenter who worked with the artist in the '60's.  He has worked on the cottages to refurbish the existing features and create some new ones that are inspired by the older ones, including mahogany decks, kitchen cabinets, doors, outdoor showers and many other small details.  The artist was greatly influenced by Japanese art, and those influences are quite evident in the house as well as the many unique trees and bushes that were planted almost 50 years ago and have grown into a mature grove of varied species.  Unique specimen trees found nowhere else on the island can be found throughout the property.  The amount of attention and personal care to grow these trees in the island's mild but unforgiving climate and soil was substantial and accounts for their nearly long survival.  According to an experienced island arborist, the quality and variety of the trees are second only to the Polly Hill Arboretum in West Tisbury.  In 2003, we acquired the 2.2 acres of vacant land across the street which were once part of Duarte's Campground.  It is now part of the Vineyard Open Land Foundation's Cranberry Acres which includes 25 acres of common conservation land, 3 ponds, and a cranberry bog that is currently under restoration for organic cranberry farming.  In 2006, we acquired the 3.5 acre lot adjacent to the main house which includes the remaining portion of Flat Bottom Pond and extensive woodlands in order to preserve our privacy and to expand the arboretum of unique and beautiful trees and plants.